Manmeet films is a film production service company based in Delhi Mumbai. Headquartered in Delhi, with branches in Mumbai, we offer international companies a one-stop solution for pre- and post- production film services across the People’ of Delhi Mumbai.
International film production companies often run filming in Delhi Mumbai: the bureaucracy is confusing; logistical challenges never-ending; international standards are rarely met; not to mention cultural differences and language barriers.
With our progressive international perspective, in-depth local knowledge and extensive network of contacts in business and Non government, the production support team can solve all these problems, leaving our clients free to make the very most of filming in Delhi Mumbai.

We Are

A Manmeet films Production Company that believes in the power of creative ideas and great production. We empower talented creative persons to express what inspires them. Creativity is our main talent and we known for our creative ideas and production!!

Our Hopes

We know your needs are important hence we care your needs and prioritize them. We always suggest Just be honest in making a movie. Then you’ll find that it’s fighting back against you and telling you how to write and shoot it !!

Our Strength

We are a hard-working creative filmmaker, Taking it to the next level has & always will be part of our DNA. Driven by passion & fuelled by fun, we anchor ourselves deeply in your story because we truly understand the value & power of every single moment!!